Skagit Cellars Features Local Artist On Trumpeter Wine

Skagit Cellars Features Local Artist On Trumpeter Wine

The Trumpeter is a chocolate-raspberry port style wine from Skagit Cellars. This wine brings you notes of cherry, plum, raspberry and chocolate. It has an amazing finish of soft chocolate and raspberry... It’s simply dessert in a bottle. We were able to interview the women involved in making the wine label a reality in October which happens to be Women in Small Business Month. So without further ado, we invite you to learn the history behind Skagit Cellar’s Trumpeter wine label

Margaret Horak Shares The History Behind The Painting
It was Valentine’s Day and Margaret Horak was wondering what she could give to her husband. While she was driving home from a meeting with her painting group, she saw a flock of beautiful Trumpeter swans in the fields. She was inspired to paint a card for her husband with the Trumpeter 'bringing her heart to her love'.

How Gloria Hulst Found This Painting
Gloria Hulst had named the wine The Trumpeter and had been looking everywhere for the perfect artwork to put on her wine bottle. Just when she was about to give up, Margaret and Ray Horak invited Gloria and Mark Hulst over for dinner.

After dinner, Margaret Horak took Gloria and Mark Hulst on a tour of the artwork displayed around their house. As they made their way into Ray’s den, there it was, the hand painted Valentine’s card featuring the Trumpeter Swan. When Gloria saw the painting, she realised it was exactly what she was looking for. When Gloria asked if she could use the painting for her wine label, Margaret was delighted to agree.

How Rebecca DeField Made The Painting Into A Wine Label
Gloria Hulst emailed the Synergy Ninjas with the horizontal painting she wanted to use on her wine label. Immediately Rebecca DeField knew that she didn't want anything distracting the gorgeous painting, so she got to work making the vertical wine label. She composited a backdrop made from various cloud and sky images to match the wonderful painting. She digitally added Margaret’s signature to the front of the painting and used the color palette from the painting in all of the other fonts and stylistic elements. "I was very pleased to be able to part of the process," she said.

After this experience, when Margaret’s daughter recently was married in the summer, they served Skagit Cellar’s wines during the wedding reception.

Mark and Gloria Hulst invite you to enjoy local art featured on the walls of the Skagit Cellars wine tasting room in La Conner!