Introducing The Artist Spotlight!

Introducing The Artist Spotlight!

Art is such a huge part of Skagit County. We have so many accomplished artist that are skilled at all the various mediums whether it is sculpting, painting, oil paints, watercolors, or sketching! It's amazing just how much diversity exists in our county alone!

That's why we created the Artists Spotlight to share all of the beautiful artwork from all of these truly talented and creative local artists. We not only add each piece of artwork to a gallery on, but we also spotlight it on the top our social networking pages! Everyone will be able to enjoy this artwork for as long as the artist agrees for it to be displayed.

We will link each photo to their website where people can learn more information about the artist. Each artist can very easily add more images even if we're not focusing on them this quarter. Each image will automatically be to broadcasted out to our social networks.

If you're an artist in Skagit County and would like to have your artwork showcased it's very simple and 100% FREE! Just click here to contact us and let us know you would like to sign up!

We know that artists and art connoisseurs truly are going to enjoy the wide variety of art and the amazing creativity that our beautiful Skagit county inspires! Just another reason we love Living In Skagit!