Downtown Mount Vernon Art Walk

Downtown Mount Vernon Art Walk

Downtown Mount Vernon Do's and Don't's

If you are planning on enjoying the Skagit Valley Art Escape in downtown Mount Vernon on the first Thursday of every month, we have some insider do's and don't's for you!


  • Get a coffee or other drink from the Skagit Valley Food Co-op in the beginning. You can thank us later.
  • Pick up a map of the stops from any of the participating locations. The map has a listing of the artists and styles at each stop.
  • Bring friends so you can discuss the artwork. Different options make things more interesting!
  • Plan your route ahead of time! It is as simple as getting a pen and drawing a line on one of the free maps provided at each stop!
  • Look for the balloons! If you can't find the next stop, just look for the brightly colored balloons that mark each of the stops!
  • Bring some cash to spend! Almost all of the art is for sale and you never know what you are going to find inside each of the equally awesome shops!
  • The snacks or wine provided at each of the stops in perfect to keep you going through the art walk, but we suggest planning a late dinner at one of the downtown restaurants. You will have worked up quite an appetite after the art walk!
  • Ask for a tour of the Lincoln Theatre while you are there! They will be more than happy to show you around the vintage theatre.


  • Don’t go to dinner before the art walk because then you might miss out on things like chocolate tasting at Forte Chocolates!
  • Don’t wear uncomfortable shoes! This is an art WALK. Bring your most comfortable pair of walking shoes and your feet will thank you!
  • Don’t rush! Take your time and enjoy each shop. There is more than enough time to see every piece of art.
  • Don’t be afraid to engage in conversation with the artists. They love to explain the backstory surrounding their artwork or the process involved in bringing it to life!
  • Check the weather forecast before you go and dress accordingly. You don’t want to be carrying your coat around or wishing you brought your hat.

This art walk was a truly inspiring way to spend an evening. Don’t miss out on all of the fun! Get out and explore the variety of wonderful shops of downtown Mount Vernon.