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Featured Photographer: Mark Bergsma (back spread)

Mark Bergsma loves creating photographs of everything from grand scenic landscapes to atmospheric close ups. His current focus is on creating images that posses a feeling of narrative and story.

It required a considerable amount of... Read more

  • Hypnosis for Bridge Phobias
    Hypnosis for Bridge Phobias

    Lots of people have an aversion toward traveling over bridges and recent events here in our valley may have exacerbated this unwanted reaction.

    What is a phobia? The word “phobia” comes from the Greek meaning “to fear... Read more

  • Perfect Timing With A Scoop Of Synergy
    Perfect Timing With A Scoop Of Synergy

    What an amazing coincidence!
    So we've been calling around talking with businesses all throughout the week. I was calling all of the car dealerships in Burlington & Mount Vernon. When I called... Read more

  • Let's Make Lemonade
    Let's Make Lemonade

    "Turns out our bridge was a gigantic lemon. Who knew?"

    We were all relieved that nobody was killed when the bridge collapsed, and there were no serious injuries, but maybe we spoke too soon. There... Read more