Operation Blue Signs

Operation Blue Signs

Business Outreach Project
We recently installed a 16' banner in front of the Business bank in Burlington! This will be the first of many signs along the main detour routes during the Business Outreach Project we have aptly named “Operation Blue Signs”.

How Long Are We Going To Do This?
This is one of the many ways that the We Are Still Open community project is reaching out to businesses and helping get foot traffic back in their businesses. We will be working on this project all through the summer as well in preparation for the bridge closure again in September.

Sponsor A sign For Only $32
We have put together a plan to install many more of these banners provided we can find the businesses or people in the community willing to sponsor an 8’ banner. Gen-X Signs & Graphics are only charging for the cost of materials which is $64 for each banner! There is room for two logos or a full name. Which means the banners cost each sponsor only $32! If you would be interested in participating, please use the Contact Us form on http://WeAreStillOpen.com/contact or message us on http://Facebook.com/WeAreStillOpen so we can get your logo or Full Name and collect your sponsorship payment.

First Two Locations Confirmed!
We already have locations for the first two banners! One will be facing the northbound traffic on Burlington Blvd before the roundabout next to Diedrich Espresso Burlington and the other will be on Freeway drive out front of Diedrich Espresso Mount Vernon.

Calling All Business And Property Owners...
Do you own property or have a business on the main roads that you would like us to consider as a location to add a 8' banner to? Please be sure to use the Contact Us form on http://WeAreStillOpen/contact or message us on http://Facebook.com/WeAreStillOpen so we can evaluate your location.