Three Awesome Lake Hikes In Skagit

Three Awesome Lake Hikes In Skagit

Skagit County has some of the best outdoor adventures! So now that almost all the snow is gone from the mountain tops, you know what time it is? Time to plan your lake hike! So Holiday Sports has put together a list of their top three lake hikes with unbelievable views.


Diablo Lake at North Cascades National Park

The lake hike at North Cascades National Park delivers an epic adventure. The hikes are definitely more about the experience than they are challenging paths. All in all, Diablo Lake is a great outdoor escape for the day with lasting visuals you'll remember forever.


Lake 22 in Granite Falls

The trails around Lake 22 span about 5.5 miles, so you have the opportunity to take in the scenery and wildlife that calls this area home. With all the beautiful woods surrounding the trail, you'll likely find a lot of different birds that are absolutely stunning. Be sure to bring your camera!


Goat Lake in the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest

Two trails, each equidistant from the lake, offer completely different vantage points. The upper trail will give a beautiful view worthy of anyone's Instagram page. The lower trail will provide scenes up close and personal with the water. Try taking one to get to the lake and the other to get back! You will not be disappointed with this 5 mile trek.


Once you've picked your destination, come on down to Holiday Sports to get your backpacks, hiking boots, and all of the ultra lightweight gear you need to tackle these beautiful hikes.