The Story Behind The Stone

The Story Behind The Stone

Ancient Roman Emperor Hadrian rebuilt the Pantheon, built Hadrian's Wall and constructed the Temple of Venus. The Pantheon still boasts the world's largest unreinforced concrete dome by using hundreds of clay cups in between the walls. Hadrian Stone Design pays tribute to the man who recognized in 120 A.D. the flexibility and beauty of concrete, replacing the clay cups with glass fibers to create custom concrete counters and furniture.

Today, Houston Foist uses a proprietary mixture of glass fibers, sand and cement to create a surface that is personalized to you. Envision concrete countertops that look like warm wood or luxurious stone, without the high price tag. Houston and his design team are able to add incredibly unique touches such as embedded memorabilia and acid etch images and text that will last a lifetime...or maybe even 1900 years! The result is a one-of-a-kind kitchen countertop or bathroom vanity.

Hadrian Stone Design also utilizes materials like casting acrylic, wood, steel and recycled materials to create sinks, indoor/outdoor furniture, mantels and more. When you hear the name Hadrian Stone Design, think of its namesake, a passionate architect of some of the most majestic structures in the world. They strive to echo the longevity, beauty and craftsmanship with their custom designs. 

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