Family Trips

Museum Tour

Planning a family trip? We have many unique museums in Skagit, so you are sure to find something for all ages and interests! From aircraft museums to art museums, to children's museums to historical museums, we know where the fun is at.
    • Located in Concrete, this museum is perfect for the airplane lovers. Marvel at six hangars of beautifully restored planes from the 1930s to the 1950's on a guided tour or explore at your own leisure.
    • This art museum has a vast assortment of painting, glass, print and installation art on display. They feature three rotating exhibits a quarter showcasing the talented artists who have been inspired by the Pacific Northwest.
    • This museum is targeted towards younger children and provides many fun learning experiences with their exhibits from “fishing” to moving cargo with a kid-sized crane.
    • This museum makes for a great field trip into the past! From parlors to plows, Native American baskets to Shirley Temple dolls, the Museum galleries are overflowing with interesting and often unusual treasures of Skagit County’s vibrant past.

Fun Family Trips