Squared Up? - An Article By Dr. Nick Of The Country Clinic

Squared Up? - An Article By Dr. Nick Of The Country Clinic

During the process of building a large home, a problem was overlooked: one of the corners was off by just under an inch. They built, and built, and built until the house showed signs of misalignment. They had to halt progress and look over the whole building for the small problem that had led to the larger issue. Eventually, they found the corner in the room that didn't "square up." They had to tear down framed walls and constructed areas until they could get to the root cause of the problem. Once they were able to make the fix, the walls meshed, the roof was able to go on, and everything started to move in a healthy direction again.

Less than one inch of error in a several thousand square foot floor plan was large enough to halt production. Now think about the human structure and frame.

When your spine out of alignment by even millimeters, it can cause stress on nerves that lead to bigger problems. It isn't until the stress starts to build, and build, and build that most people start to seek a solution, not realizing their big problem started as a very small one. With regular care, there are these golden moments where your chiropractor can correct those small "misalignments" that can lead to bigger problems, so your spine has it's best chance at living "squared up!"

About The Author...

Dr. Nick has been with Country Chiropractic Clinic since February 2000. A graduate of Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas, he is the oldest son of Dr. Avery Martin. Dr. Nick enjoys helping all families develop healthy habits through a chiropractic lifestyle that embraces good nutrition, good exercise, and good spinal care. Dr. Nick is also an active member of the community, periodically working on the stage with live theater projects in the community.