Shooting for the Stars and Capturing Sunsets

Shooting for the Stars and Capturing Sunsets

Holly Davison, Photographer from Whidbey Island

Holly Davison has a relatable reason for how she initially became interested in photography, she simply wanted to take better pictures of her kids. Years later, those who marvel at her beautiful work are sure glad she did!

Her favorite subject to capture is the night sky - particularly the Milky Way, and the Northern Lights. "There's a peace during the night that you don't get during the day. I enjoy being enveloped in the darkness." Holly also delights in being able to share these spectacular events with people who can't experience them firsthand.

Her piece (shown on front cover of the NW.Life magazine) Milky Way Rising Over Deception Pass Bridge definitely took some planning. "We hiked in early and got the shot as we captured the sunset. You have to be willing to lose some significant sleep and wait, but it's worth it!"

Bowman Bay Tree (shown on back cover of the NW Life magazine) was taken near Lighthouse Point during the blood moon eclipse. As Holly was waiting for the moon to rise over Deception Pass Bridge, she noticed a stunning sunset behind her - a 2-for-1 shot. Holly notes, "Always look behind you, even if you're waiting for something great to happen in front of you!"

You can see Holly Davison's magical work at The Whidbey Art Gallery and on her website: