Sell The In Skagit Magazine In Your Store

Sell The In Skagit Magazine In Your Store

Did you know that the In Skagit Magazine is available for retail stores to resale?

Selling our publication in your store helps to support local charities, and gives you extra promotion as one of the select locations that carry our high-end coffee-table style magazine. Your customers will love all of the interesting articles, guides, and adventures included in our quarterly magazine. In Skagit is known for featuring articles about the artists, musicians, charities, and local businesses that make Skagit County unique.

How does the retail program work?

You choose the quantity and prepay online for the first order. The next quarter, your magazines will be delivered along with an invoice to be paid on receipt. If you want to cancel your subscription or increase the quantity, you can give us a call or send us an email.

What kind of promotion do you offer?

When you join the other locations that carry the In Skagit Magazine, we mention your business on our social media and website. We have an active community of 5,000 + locals on all of our social media accounts.

How can the retail program make me money?

The retail price of our magazines is $5.99. Your purchase price is $2.99 (50% discount). When you buy the minimum order quantity of five copies per issue, you are paying just $59 a year and making a gross sale of $118. That is doubling your investment. We also have an exchange program for any potentially unsold magazines.

What is the cost of shipping?

Local delivery is free. Outside of Skagit county, shipping is an additional cost paid directly to the shipping provider.

What is the publication schedule?

The In Skagit magazine is published four times a year. You will receive new issues every three months.

How do I enroll in the retail program?

Enrollment is easy! Just click on this link, choose the quantity and click the add to cart button. Once you prepay for your first order, we will contact you to setup a regular schedule for delivering your magazines