Scents of Wellbeing

Scents of Wellbeing

Quantum Health & Yoga Lounge is excited to partner with certified Clinical Aromatherapist Tami Cummings to bring you the Scents of Wellbeing boutique. Tami has spent 15 years studying and developing recipes for her essential oils, which can naturally improve both physical and psychological well-being. She has been selling her Scents of Wellbeing products online and at the local farmers markets for many years.

"Quality is my number one priority," says Tami. "I like to combine as many high-quality herbs as possible to enhance the product's effectiveness."

One of Tami's best-selling formulations is her Anxiety blend. Not only does it relieve stress, customers have also told her it has helped relieve their panic attacks.

If you're making plans for camping and hiking this spring, the Bug Repellant lotion is a must-have. A three-in-one benefit, it not only keeps the bugs away, it also nourishes the skin and can even stop the itch of existing bug bites. The best part - it's safe enough for anyone over the age of 2.

If you find yourself suffering from seasonal allergies, the Allergy roll-on gel for topical treatment or inhaler for a decongestant are effective options.

At Quantum Health & Yoga Lounge, their mission is wellness from the inside out. Come by the Lounge today and check out the Scents of Wellbeing boutique!