Photographer Spotlight: Shirley Haley

Photographer Spotlight: Shirley Haley

Local Photographer, Author, Music Teacher, and Mountaineer

Shirley Haley is a local photographer, published author, professional music teacher, and experienced mountaineer. A long time Skagit resident, she enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, tending to her garden and feeding wild birds. Her photos hang in homes in four different countries around the world, and her writings have been published in over twenty publications.

From framed photographs to beautiful notecards, Shirley Haley loves to share the beauty of the Pacific Northwest with everyone! The front cover of the first issue of our magazine is her most famous photo, Silence. Shirley Haley was hiking with her grandson Eric on the southeast corner of Pilchuck on the way to Lake 22 when she came upon this striking scene. The bridge has since been updated. When she told her grandson she was going to name the photo Silence, he replied, "Well, we could hear the water dripping off of the trees, Grandma, it wasn't really silent."

You can order one of Shirley's timeless one-of-a-kind photo prints to hang on your wall. Just stop by her website,

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