Photographer Spotlight: Rakan Alduaij

Photographer Spotlight: Rakan Alduaij

Shooting The Moon And Catching The Sun

You could call photographer Rakan Alduaij a human light catcher. He's willing to drop everything to seize a brilliant sunrise or sunset, which are his favorite subjects to photograph. "They are absolutely amazing here in Anacortes. I've never seen anything like it in my life," he marvels. Living near Mount Erie, he gets that "on top of the world" sensation when he goes up the mountain and takes in the beautiful views of Puget Sound.

Rakan, whose "Rays of Radiance" photo just won the La Conner Daffodil Festival's photo contest, recalls being intrigued by his mom's camera as a kid. He didn't switch from hobbyist to professional until two years ago when he was inspired by his move to the scenic Pacific Northwest. "I've learned you can't wait - you have to capture something special when you see it!"

This philosophy proved true when Rakan was intent on photographing the supermoon last year. He left work early and had a window of about 15 minutes to freeze the essence of the moon as it set. Not long after releasing the camera shutter, the elusive moon was gone! The stunning result is the combination of two shots - one of the supermoon and one of the Anacortes Marina. Rakan explains if he had taken just one shot, the brightness of the moon would have washed out the entire picture. So, he used a composite technique: first, taking a photo of the marina, then changing lenses before taking a photo of the moon. When he edited the pictures, he stayed true to the original position and size of both subjects. His goal as a photographer is to evoke the same feeling in the final piece as the moment the picture was taken.

Rakan Alduaij's luminescent photographic art is available for purchase in both calendars and canvas at his website