Petting Zoos Adventure

Petting Zoos Adventure

If you are an animal lover, there is a virtual menagerie of critters to interact with on regional farms. We've compiled a list of fantastic beasts (and where to find them) in Snohomish County!


You would normally have to book a trip Down Under to see amazing kangaroos and wallabies roaming free. At The Outback Kangaroo Farm, no passport is required! On a guided tour, guests can meander along with the Aussie marsupials as well as lemurs, alpacas, llamas, birds and more.


Cuteness alert! Kids of all ages will love the hands-on experience at The Animal Farm inside Forest Park. This compact petting zoo has a large variety of furry friends that are ready to meet you. Snuggle with a bunny, pet a goat, watch pigs play, see ducks swim, and even ride a pony!


The creatures at the Reptile Zoo may not be soft and cuddly, but they make up for that with their coolness factor! Get up close and personal with exotic reptiles from around the world. Alligators, lizards, and snakes - including a deadly Black Mamba! And, no you aren't seeing double, that's a turtle with TWO heads! Friendly zoo keepers are on hand to provide a fun and educational experience.

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