On the Surface

On the Surface

Hadrian Stone Design Creates One-of-a-Kind Sinks

At Hadrian Stone Designs, you can get one-of-a-kind sinks for your home that can't be found on the shelf. Owner Houston Foist and his team specialize in striking designs where you pick the color, shape, and depth. For renovation or remodeling projects where a non-standard size is needed, Hadrian will make the basin to your specifications. "We are currently working with a client in Tacoma," Hadrian notes, "where every sink in the house is a different size."

Hadrian Stone Design takes materials like wood, steel, and concrete and works magic! Imagine a bathroom vanity that looks like water or a luminescent shark skin. "We can even make a countertop with the ripple effect of a tide flat." A popular look right now is the rustic look of distressed wood and iron which they achieve with glass fiber reinforced concrete. Houston says people are always surprised when they touch it and it's not metal.

When you want a wow factor in your bathroom or kitchen, let Hadrian Stone Design create something unique and personal for your space! Click here for a project estimate today.

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