Music Spotlight - Old Town Tonic

Music Spotlight - Old Town Tonic

A self-described "American pop-rock band with a flair of country," Old Town Tonic is the serendipitous combination of five seriously skilled musicians. Stemming from a light-hearted open-mic collaboration at The Brown Lantern, this Anacortes band bloomed into the perfect combination of talent. 

Each member contributes a unique background to the group's distinct sound. This assortment of styles results in a rich musical experience that gets just about everyone in the groove.

Meet the Band

Marlo Lynn is the lead singer and lyricist.  Learning to harmonize vocals with her brother at the age of 3, Marlo's gift of voice and songwriting are irreplaceable and her passion for song irresistible. Forget fame and riches, Marlo's motivation for creating music is "to make people happy."

Nathan McCartney plays the guitar. Hailing from nearby Whidbey Island, he's also skilled in a variety of other instruments, including bass, trombone and harmonica. Nathan brings a background in theater, performance and music theory.

Jim Reeder plays the bass.  Jim's significant studio skills enhanced production and engineering of the band's EP. 80% of the album reflects his production expertise. Originally from Philadelphia, Jim is also an active member of the Airforce.

Christopher Marin plays the drums.  After touring with several bands in Cali, Christopher agreed to play "just one show" with Old Town Tonic but couldn't resist the musical chemistry. Believe it or not, Christopher is a self-taught musician and has now been drumming for over 20 years.

Dave White plays the keys. The newest member to the group, Dave has been honing his keyboard skills for over 30 years. He also makes significant contributions to the songwriting process.

More than Music--a Band with Heart

Unified by a great devotion to the local community, the group has helped raise funds and rally support for homeless individuals in the area. Old Town Tonic's leadership in showing care and inclusion for all members of the community has inspired others to do the same.

Creating a unique sound experience that features soothing harmonies, fun grooves and thoughtful lyrics, it's no surprise that Old Town Tonic is experiencing rapidly growing support both in Anacortes and beyond. Check out their new EP which is now available for download, and you'll be unapologetically hooked. Learn more here:

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