Oasis Teen Shelter On Measuring Success

Oasis Teen Shelter On Measuring Success

There are many ways you can measure success, by the number of youth provided with a safe place to sleep (47 for 746 nights in 2018) or the number of meals were served (1453 in 2018) in the shelter alone, but success can be subjective. Your measure of success may differ vastly from the measure of success for a homeless youth. Maybe they want to try to get through the day without using drugs, or they want to schedule a meeting with a counselor. These seem like small things, but these incremental steps make the difference between chronic homelessness and getting on the road to stabilizing their life.

"One of the biggest things we offer to youth is time. Time to feel safe enough to express themselves and know someone will listen no matter how painful it is, no matter how ramped up they get, and no matter how many hours it takes. It can be paramount for them just to make it through to tomorrow." YMCA Oasis Executive Director Justin Krupa told us. Their case managers help the youth develop a case plan based on empowering them to reach the goals they set for themselves from getting substance abuse therapy to getting a job. The staff guides the youth towards positive decisions by taking the time to explain the end result and ramifications of their decisions. YMCA Oasis has connections with services from the border down to King County and all the way over to Spokane.

Justin Krupa explained how he measures YMCA Oasis Teen Center's success with three questions:

  1. Did we provide them with a safe place to sleep where they could be listened to?
  2. Did we line the youth up with services to help them accomplish their personal goals?
  3. Was the youth better when they exited in the morning than they were when they came to us the night before?

YMCA Oasis Teen Shelter relies on grants and community donations to keep the shelter open. If you want to make a donation, you can send a check directly to the shelter or make a donation at the YMCA Center on Hoag Road. Any donations marked for the YMCA Oasis Teen Shelter, go directly to the shelter. The YMCA does not take an administrative fee, so you can feel rest assured knowing your donations are going towards providing an oasis for youth 13-17 in the Great Northwest.