Northwest Featured Musician: Karl Blau

Northwest Featured Musician: Karl Blau

Karl Blau is a Northwest musician known for his creative albums and ever-changing sound. Karl's sound ranges from country soul to reggae to grunge to instrumental. He toured in Europe extensively in 2016 and 2017, but you can still find him playing at the Anacortes Farmers Market for the people in his hometown.

"My sound is ever changing. That's sort of my 'Achille's heel', but also my strength."

Karl grew up on Samish Island. He always thought he was going to be a visual artist, but in high school, he found music and music found him. His morning Jazz class was his favorite part of the day and from there his obsession with music grew. His background as a visual artist still shines through in the way he puts together each album. Each album is a visual and audio art exhibit where the music, videos and album covers make up the pieces in the collection.

Karl finds his biggest musical inspiration comes from fellow artists in Anacortes, Skagit and Seattle. He also is influenced by the artists he has met in Europe and Australia through his tours abroad. His favorite part of being a musician is playing music with and for other people, whether it is playing on stage, or in private jams.

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