Nonprofit Spotlight: Community Action Of Skagit County

Nonprofit Spotlight: Community Action Of Skagit County

Community Action has been diligently serving our community for over 37 years. They provide over sixteen different services including legal aid, housing, adult education, energy, food & nutrition, and employment. Each of their programs could be their own organization, but with one administrative staff, Community Action maximizes the amount of donations going towards providing these vital services.

Community Action is creative about how they raise their funds. Many millions of state and federal dollars are sought by Community Action to address the needs in Skagit County. However, when the recession hit in 2008, they saw funding sources shrink, and the local demand rise. Bill Hinkel became the executive director of Community Action in 2008 and made local fundraising became a priority versus the alternative of cutting programs or reducing the services. The team at Community Action seeks to raise "flexible funds" from the local community to meet the needs of Skagit County.

What do flexible funds mean? Most grants and federal funding can only be used on certain services in specific ways. Local donations don't have rules attached to them, so Community Action can apply them towards any program that needs additional funding. Just last year they raised $376,667 from local donors and an additional $324,522 from foundations and corporations!

When you donate to Community Action, you are investing in the long-term economic stability of our community. Community Actions helps to move people forward in their lives, so they don't need to rely on the services anymore. "Our philosophy, our goal is not to give handouts. Our goal is to stabilize families and equip them to exit poverty." ~ Bill Henkel

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