NW Artisan Makers

NW Artisan Makers

The Great Northwest is home to hundreds of unique artisan makers offering products inspired by the sights, scents and even the weather of our beautiful region.

MW SoapWorks offers handmade natural soaps, lip balms, cleansing masks, lotions and natural perfumes. Their Northwest Woods is scented with 100% pure Fir and Cedarwood Essential Oils, giving it a fresh aroma reminiscent of taking a relaxing walk along your favorite forested trail. This soap is gentle enough to be a whole body bar and produces wonderful bubbles! For a truly luxurious spa experience, try their Deep Clean Clay Mask.


Modern designs meet vintage beads in Unique Chic Jewelry 's handcrafted necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Originally purchased during a trip abroad, a local bead wholesaler found these vintage beads tucked away in a forgotten corner of their warehouse. From Peking style lamp beads to hand-painted Venetian beads, Unique Chic Jewelry turned these pieces of history into wearable art. This local business combines new and vintage to make classy and elegantly designed fashion jewelry!


Isola Handmade Originals focuses on hand knitted hats, cozy accessories and knitwear patterns for all skill levels. Kali hand cuts all of her own fabrics and winds her own yarn using natural fibers as much as possible. "The fall, winter and spring can be cold in the PNW and I think everyone needs a beautiful hat to keep out the chill!"


Support these small artisan makers and enjoy the handcrafted excellence of locally made products.