Musician Spotlight: Kuinka

Musician Spotlight: Kuinka

A local favorite band, Kuinka plays an eclectic mix of pop, rock, and folk with a percussive twist. Their ever-evolving sound is inspired by each band member's diverse influences including soul, pop, classical and folk.

All of the band members grew up in Mount Vernon, and playing music in Skagit County is a special treat for them. "We got our start here, and it is so much fun when we can do shows in Skagit."

Meet the Band

Miranda Zickler plays banjo, synthesizer, rhythm guitar, and percussion. Her musical roots include "feminist 90's" punk, Michael Jackson, and old Motown. Miranda's favorite part of being in the group is getting to positively influence people and promote social change.

Jillian Walker plays cello and percussion. She loves to travel and experience new cultures while on tour. The Celtic music she listened to as a child is her major musical inspiration. "I have a bit of Irish blood in me, and I've always loved to play string instruments. It is a really fun style to bring to a group that is primarily folk and pop rock."

Zach Hamer plays lead guitar, drums, and harmonica. He cut his teeth on classical music and likes music from the 60's. Brothers Nathan and Zach share a passion for film and are able to express it in the music videos they produce for Kuinka.

Nathan Hamer plays ukulele and mandolin. He finds inspiration in all genres. Being on tour has expanded his musical influences, "Everyday I feel like I am discovering a new artist. Being on the road is the biggest inspiration for me because I get to hear so many unique bands at our venues."

The New Name

Their previous names used rabbits as a symbol of the countryside they grew up in. Their new name Kuinka (pronounced coo-wink-ka) comes from the Finnish word for 'how'. "As in how are we ever going to find a band name that isn't taken?" Miranda joked, "We just love how the word sounds, it's fun to say and best of all it isn't taken by another band."

After coming off their successful Heartland tour, Kuinka got busy in the studio experimenting with new sounds, and the result is their vibrant new EP, "Stay Up Late". All of the songs were written in one day when the band got together for a rehearsal and ended up spending all of their time writing the songs that had been bouncing around in their head during the tour.

Check out to find their upcoming shows.

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