Make An Intentional Walking Plan

Make An Intentional Walking Plan

Start your day with morning stretches and make an intentional walking plan.

The word 'hygiene' often makes us think about daily skin or teeth routines. At the Country Clinic, we believe there is another hygiene regimen exponentially more important--taking care of your spine, spinal cord and spinal column. Embracing spinal hygiene can protect nerves and improve overall physiology, which can boost immune function, digestion, heart and lung function, and help with pain management.

How can you practice spinal hygiene? Start your day with morning stretches and make an intentional walking plan.

Walking is an underrated exercise that most people can do at any age. Getting 20-30 minutes of moderate exercise each day, like walking, can yield great improvements to overall health.

While fitness trackers may help gauge daily activity levels, they can also be deceptive, making you think you have racked up enough footsteps. For intentional walking, it is critical not to cut corners by counting odd minutes here and there throughout the day as part of your walking regimen. Instead, make this impactful exercise intentional by aiming for one 30-minute uninterrupted walk.

In both exercise and routine, if you don't have good form, you may hurt yourself. Focus on developing good form while walking by swinging your arms naturally and developing a gentle, even stride while walking. Better posture and form means better function, which means you're less likely to become injured or suffer from chronic pain.

Good health takes work, starting with making healthy choices each and every day. But it's worth it! By practicing good spinal hygiene, you can improve your spinal health, enjoying increased athletic performance and greater ease of all daily activities.

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