Featured NW Artist: Linde Husk

Featured NW Artist: Linde Husk

Local artist Linde Husk has nurtured an immense love of drawing from an early age. She has vivid childhood memories of drawing quietly as her mother taught music classes. Her "love of drawing and creating things" led to a degree in Graphic Design. While passionate about painting during college, Linde admits she struggled with subject matter. Design became a natural choice, blooming into excellent professional success.

A decade later, Linde picked up painting once again to create gifts for friends. She quickly rediscovered her love for this art. Specializing in acrylic on canvas, Linde emphasizes the importance of learning, priding herself on painting a certain way because she chooses, not because it's her only style.

Inspired by all things beautiful, Linde uses her original photography as a reference. Whether highlighting color, texture, light or shadow, Linde's artwork calls attention to beauty that often goes unnoticed. "I get excited about the tiny things that are in our world that we don't pay a lot of attention to."

That focus resulted in a floral series, during which she began observing bugs. The following series on fauna, or "backyard aliens," included information particular to each critter. Recently, Linde has begun painting "landscape allusions," pieces that suggest local scenery without being photorealistic.

To learn more about Linde Husk, you can visit her website linde.art.