K.I.S.S Your Marketing

K.I.S.S Your Marketing

Keep It Simple Silly! You get to keep on doing what your best at and we get to share what your business is up to with over 15,000+ people who want to know what you have to offer! You could say it is a match made in heaven!

Only 30 minutes or less! Every three months we work around your schedule for a short photo shoot and marketing meeting. We promote your business on all of our social media accounts, feature your business in our regional print magazine, and give your SEO a boost with our website!

Succeed in the Spring! You need to get started now if you want to get regional shoppers through your doors! Our printed magazine is pretty popular with the tourists and locals alike at the various independent stores where it is sold.

Don't Break The Bank! Get your marketing club membership today for as little as $100 a month for a minimum of three months.

Click here before Feb 15th to be included in our Spring issue!