Four Benefits Of Doing Yoga

Four Benefits Of Doing Yoga

From gaining balance, strength, and flexibility to having a positive impact on your digestive, immune and hormonal systems, Quantum Health & Yoga Lounge offers a variety of dynamic classes that target overall wellness.

Owner Scott Howe is passionate about the health benefits of yoga. "It doesn't matter who you are, your body type, or where you're at physically," Scott explains. "Yoga is a great place to start for good health!" Scott points out four major benefits the movement of yoga provides:


The stretching and poses in yoga help increase the lengthening of your muscles. You may notice bending down or reaching up to get something becomes easier, and your body feels looser and more pliable. For first-timers or clients easing back into an exercise routine, Gentle Yoga for Beginners teaches basic poses and alignment. Vinyasa Yoga uses a series of flowing movements to improve flexibility.


One of the most noticeable benefits of yoga is better posture. In this day and age, we are often hunched over laptops and cell phones, resulting in rolled shoulders and chronic neck pain ("tech neck"). Yoga poses open up the chest and shoulders, strengthen back muscles, and lengthen the spine. The result?  You'll look taller, more slim and confident.


Yoga movement also stimulates your organs, enabling your lymphatic system to fight infection as well as getting your blood flowing. Quantum has classes like Hot Power Yoga and Hot 26, which not only detoxify but elevate the heart rate to get a cardio benefit as well as tone and strengthen.

Benefit #4: LESS STRESS

Movement decreases cortisol levels which have been linked to depression and anxiety. "Yoga counteracts the 'fight or flight' stress mindset we tend to live in every day," says Scott. Try the Starlight/Restorative class to calm your mind and focus on your breathing.

Visit Quantum Health & Yoga Lounge today and see how the movement in yoga can make you feel great from the inside out!