Five Tips For Better Posture

Five Tips For Better Posture

By Dr A. Nicholas Martin from the Country Clinic

Feeling tired, sore or weak? Have you thought about your posture lately? Most of us don't think about our posture as being so powerful, but it is. "Structure determines function," Dr A. Nicholas Martin from the Country Clinic explained, "Fitness trainers understand this, when you have poor form while doing an exercise like weight lifting, you are going to hurt yourself. This doesn't change when you are doing everyday activities."

1. Test your posture with a simple exercise. Stand against a wall with your heels against the wall and your palms open forward. If your posture is perfect, your bottom, shoulders and neck should be touching the wall. Slowly bring your heels, bottom, shoulders and neck to touch the wall. Don't push yourself and don't hurt yourself. Tell your chiropractor about the result and where you had tenderness or pain during your next visit.

2. Don't cross your knees. It causes stress on the joints in your lower back, your digestive trait, reproductive organs, and all the way down your legs. Try crossing your ankles instead.

3. Don't sit with your wallet in your back pocket. You end up tilting to one side, even just a little and it causes the same stress as crossing your knees. You may drive in the car or even sit in front of a computer for long hours off-kilter and cause numbing, tingling and restless leg syndrome.

4. Don't sleep on your stomach. You have to crane your neck to one side in order to breathe and that causes massive problems with your neck. Sleeping posture is just as important as your daytime posture. On average over our lifespan, we sleep for one third of our life!

5. Practice walking with good posture. Take a five-minute walk and swing your arms while practicing good posture without distractions. There is nothing wrong with catching up on social media, walking your dog or walking with your family, but take a moment to take care of yourself every day. Just think of this way, your ability to help others will be diminished if your posture limits your ability to move.

Watch your posture! It will make your life easier and it will make your adjustments easier. Structure determines function and it will have an impact of every day of your life.