Featured Photographer: Mark Bergsma On Under The Night Sky

Featured Photographer: Mark Bergsma On Under The Night Sky

Mark Bergsma loves creating photographs of everything from grand scenic landscapes to atmospheric close ups. His current focus is on creating images that posses a feeling of narrative and story.

It required a considerable amount of planning to get this photo of the Milky Way! He consulted sky charts and weather forecasts to find dates where the milky way arched over Mount Shuksan. The skies needed to be clear and a new moon was essential for maximum visibility of the immense star field. The best time is in the beginning of February, but temperatures are perilous so he planned the trip with two other photographer buddies in late March. After several hours of steep and strenuous hiking in snowshoes, the group settled into their tents near Artist Point to wait for the stars to appear. They set their alarms for 2am. Mark wasn't positive if he could get the shot or if it was too late in the year for his dream shot, but his research paid off.

He remembers the exhilaration of waking up with the Milky Way positioned as expected.

For several hours the only sound that could be heard was the clicking of camera shutters. To top things off, a beautiful sunrise occurred the next morning. The hike down on the icy snow was treacherous, but it was all worth it when he reviewed the shots at home.

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