Featured Photographer: Marianne Stickles

Featured Photographer: Marianne Stickles

Capturing The Heart Of The Great Northwest

Over the 15 years on staff at a community newspaper in California, Marianne Stickles' responsibilities were taking pictures connected to news stories, city council meetings, covering community events, including award ceremonies and banquet dinners. Today, she cannot wait to get out into the beautiful outdoors to share what she sees through her lens of our vivid sunsets, farmland vistas, soaring eagles, and all of the beauty the PNW has to offer.

The Barn 

The moody sunset behind the barn was captured by Marianne as she stayed close to the road. Marianne recalls the sunset and smokey skies that colored it from a forest fire that reflected light in the barn windows and gave off the reddish tinge on the golden wheat.

The Tulips

Marianne's desire for a photo of tulips with a unique perspective paid off. "This shot shows the early morning head start for this worker as he clipped off the tops of the tulips," she explains. The bright blue sky is a delightful contrast to the rows of cheerful pink flowers.

Marianne is passionate about capturing the heart of the many unique places that she loves in the PNW. "Photography gives an opportunity to see life and nature through the photographer's eyes. It's about creating an experience for the viewer and the hopes that there's a connection made to enjoy something that I see and want to pass on to others."

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