Featured Photogragher: Holly Davison

Featured Photogragher: Holly Davison

Stay-at-home mother and nature lover by heart, Holly Davison is a local photographer who enjoys the view of the night sky. As a long time Whidbey Island resident, Davison grew up taking photos on her camera while on road trips with her family. At the time, however, she never considered herself to be a photographer. All she knew was that she loved taking photos.

Then on March 22nd, 2014, the Oso Mudslides engulfed the rural surrounding areas, and the community came together to raise funds to help the victims of this tragedy. Holly saw a call for photographers to donate their best photos for a local auction. "I thought 'I'm not a photographer, but if my photos can help raise funds, then I better try.'"

She didn't expect to have not just one, but two photos accepted; one of a grizzly bear and another of a picturesque sunset. At that moment, she saw her potential. With the help of YouTube tutorials and friends, she became a self-taught photographer.

Since then, she travels regularly with her three children, giving them the opportunity to see the world and for her to take in nature through her lense. When describing her night time photos, such as the dancing lights of the Aurora Borealis, she states, "It's not something that happens every day. You know, sometimes I think that we take the beauty of this area for granted. Because we see it every day, we just live in it. For people to really see its beauty, it takes planning and preparation and there is such a reward to just be able to be out there and experience that."

You can find her photography on display at local art galleries.