Featured Non-Profit: Whidbey Veterans Resource Center

Featured Non-Profit: Whidbey Veterans Resource Center

Whidbey Veteran’s Resource Center Serves Those Who Have Served Our Country

Ten years ago, a couple searched for help for their son who was struggling after his return from combat deployment. Finding no local services, they created the Whidbey Veteran's Resource Center (WVRC). Today, the WVRC carries on the original mission of creating a place for Veterans to have camaraderie with their fellow vets, receive counseling, and get assistance with the VA benefits and healthcare system.

"Many Veterans we meet are unaware of the benefits for which they are eligible and we can help them with the application process," explains Volunteer Coordinator Dana Sawyers.

The WVRC offers educational VA benefit sessions, aid with paperwork, and rides to the VA facilities in Seattle. Veterans and spouses, many of whom are senior citizens, are paired with a "co-pilot" to help navigate the large VA facility. Groups for men, women, and spouses meet weekly for fellowship and support at the WVRC.

In 2018, the WVRC added two new programs including a ride-share van offering free transportation to the VA facilities for Veterans & their families and free confidential counseling during after hours. Their licensed mental health counselor and fellow Veteran, Jeffrey L. Rogers, has years of experience helping those who've served in the military and their families.

The members of the Whidbey Veterans Resource Center range from Veterans and their spouses who want to help their fellow service men and women to local residents who want to give back to those who served our country. There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer! You can provide rides for Veterans and their families to the VA facilities using the WVRC ride-share van, train to be a services officer and answer Veteran's questions, or just keep the coffee pot brewing.

To find out how you can get involved, please call the WVRC at (360) 331-8081. If you are interested in making a financial contribution, please visit their website.