Featured Non-Profit: Secret Harbor

Featured Non-Profit: Secret Harbor

Success comes at many different levels. For Secret Harbor, a non-profit organization that provides services and programs to help children and families in Skagit county, those successes come big and small. From keeping a kid in the same school to uniting a foster child with a new home, Secret Harbor takes working with families to a unique level by making transitions into their communities easier and safer.

Secret Harbor began over 70 years ago as a group facility on Cypress Island, according to Brian Carroll, CEO of Secret Harbor. For 50 years, the small group of people worked with children all over the country. One of their most notable programs was their residential treatment program, which was successful at helping young boys return to their families and community. However, many times those boys were sent back and those issues would return because the problems they faced would often times stem from their environment.

In order to better serve the kids and the community, Secret Harbor began a foster care program in 1992, which gave a place for young boys to go once their behaviors improved. Since then, that foster care program expanded for both boys and girls. Today, Secret Harbor offers multiple programs for parents to choose from and for children to take part in, such as their foster care program, their residential treatment, and in-home services.

"Teaching folks how to be successful in their own communities is what we try to do," Carroll explained. "I think the big change was in following our culture and caring for families."

Secret Harbor aims to help remove the negative stigma faced by these families and improve the local community by targeting the issues, working with the families, and helping them re-enter society.

"Everybody says life's a journey. We're not the final solution, but we are a step along that road. We want to be part of that journey with them to teach people to become better and stronger and be able to come back into society with a fresh new start."

If you're interested in learning more about their organization and how their programs can help you, visit their website at http://www.secretharbor.org/ or call their number at  (360) 755-5700 to get information.

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