Featured NW Artist: Peggy Woods

Featured NW Artist: Peggy Woods

With a paintbrush in one hand and admiration for life in the other, Peggy Woods is a local Skagit water-color artist who longs to inspire viewers with the beauty of nature. Born and raised on the ocean-front of Monterey Bay, Peggy was always been inspired and captivated by water. Waking up each day to the sounds of crashing waves, she learned the ocean's moods and her art was greatly impacted by the ocean.

"I love water; I love looking at it. I love the texture and looking at the reflections. I love trying to capture the feeling and the temperature of that moment."

Early in her life, Peggy knew she wanted to be involved with art. In fact, she has constantly been involved in art as a livelihood from illustrations, graphic design, and, watercolor painting. You can find original and printed works in numerous local galleries including the Good Stuff Gallery, Scott Milo Gallery, and Rob Shouton Gallery.

What sets Peggy Woods paintings aside from many other water color painters is her ability to capture the comfort and calmness of each moment. "I really like the idea of putting more serenity and more calmness into the world. That's a major reason why I paint."

As an artist, Peggy particularly enjoys hearing viewers comments. "I really love when people look at my painting and say they know the spot, even if the location is different than the one they are thinking about. That means that I conveyed the feeling of the moment and that is the biggest compliment I can ask for."

Today, Peggy Woods resides in Anacortes with a beautiful art studio which reminds her of the rivers of Montana and Monterey Bay and serve as the inspiration for her art.

If you would like to see or purchase any of Peggy Woods' watercolor paintings, just visit one of the numerous galleries where her work is being featured. Who knows, you might even get to meet her! For more information, visit her website at: www.peggywoods.com.