Featured Musician: The Sky Colony

Featured Musician: The Sky Colony

Heart Rock

The Sky Colony once had their sound described as "music my dad would listen to". At first, the lead vocalist Kyle Findley-Meier didn't know what to think, but the more that he thought about it, the more it made sense. They draw inspiration from the 60s & 70s-style folk and artists like Neil Young and Jackson Browne. "That kind of music was not only awesome but pivotal for social shift," Kyle explained. The band embraced the description, making the phrase their tagline.

Their creative process begins and ends with emotion. Kyle relishes the opportunity to be around other artists he admires. "I really enjoy emotive vocalists - people who can sing a song and make you feel it," he explained. Founders and songwriters, Kyle Findley-Meier and Ben Meyer are inspired by the human experiences and challenges we all have to work through. Like the challenge of writing an entire concert worth of songs in a week. 

Kyle and Ben started by collaborating on music together long-distance by sending cds through the mail, before Kyle took a job working on the same farm as Ben in Oregon. Kyle received a call from a friend of a friend in Washington who had lyrics they wanted to make into songs. Through the process of taking these lyrics and transforming them into songs, Kyle and Ben realized they could make this band thing work, so they both moved back up to Washington. A week before their first concert, they received a call from the commissioner of the project, they decided they wanted to keep the lyrics private. So they had to write new lyrics to all of their songs, in just one week! The audience loved the new lyrics, so they forged on creating their unique blend of psychedelic folk and indie rock. They released the Sky Colony's debut album In a Dream in 2015. The band covered a lot of ground in 2017, performing in over 50 shows across the state!

Meet the Band

Kyle Finley-Meier is the lead vocalist, plays Rhythm Guitar and writes songs with lead guitarist Ben Meyer. Jeff Lacy plays the drums, and Marcus Nevitt plays the keyboard and lap steel guitar. Kyle loves the process of working with musicians who are great at their craft. He can bring lyrics and a melody to the rest of the band members, and each one will fill in the song with their own instruments until they have a completed track. 

The Sky Colony is working on their second full-length album which will come out later this year. Recorded in Whatcom County, they focus the original music on internal healing and the need for "unity amidst chaos."

To find out more about The Sky Colony and hear their music, check out their website: TheSkyColonyMusic.com.