Caring For High-Risk Mothers

Caring For High-Risk Mothers

Community Action's Maternity Support Services Program provides in-home visits to high-risk mothers during their pregnancy and two months after birth. The nurses establish a relationship with moms-to-be and provide education on pregnancy, childbirth & warning signs. They make referrals and connections to other community services to help stabilize the family so that both moms and babies are in a safe, healthy environment.

The nurses can look at the situation the women are in both physically and emotionally and this trust allows them to help mothers and babies to live healthier, happier lives. The support early on is far-reaching in its effects, it means less medical bills, more security and healthier environment for children.

What happens if a mother needs help? All pregnant women worry about the health and well-being of their babies. Adding the stress of insufficient income and maybe medical or social issues causes high anxiety. The nurse's visit soon after birth assures that all is well with the newborn. This gives them the opportunity to identify developing problems and find solutions including assisting moms to access needed doctor's visits.

"I first visited the mother-to-be living in an RV park in her van with her partner and cat. The baby came early and was actually delivered in the van. It was amazing to watch this mom respond and adjust to caring for her baby. The father was fully supportive and managed to find full-time work. Both parents were very appreciative of the support Community Action was able to provide and made great strides in progressing to a more stable situation for their new family." ~ Wende Dolstad

When you donate to Community Action, you are helping new mothers and babies to exit poverty.