Photography Spotlight: Blanca Braun

Photography Spotlight: Blanca Braun

Blanca Braun's passion for photography started when she moved to Skagit from Virginia. "I never really thought I was a creative person, but there is just an abundance of beauty in Skagit County, and I love to share that with people."

"I'm not a very talkative person, but photography allows me to share my perspective with people. I can reach out to people with these beautiful moments." As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Blanca worked for Draper Valley Farms for many years which led to her spending quite a few hours every day driving through the farm fields and back roads."Whenever I was driving if I saw a moment that I wanted to capture, I would park on the side of the road and actually take the picture. The sky is so dramatic in Skagit county, everywhere you looked it is so picturesque. So even when I was working at one of the farms, I'd enjoy the sights of the fields, barns, and clouds."

The photo pictured here was taken off of I-5 in Burlington. One day on her way to work, the sunrise suddenly broke through the clouds, and the whole landscape just lit up. So Blanca immediately hopped out of her car, jumped in the middle of the road and shot it. It turned out very beautiful if you ask us! You can see the sun rays coming through the clouds, touching on the farmland below!

You can find her photography featured on the cover of the 4th issue of the In Skagit magazine!