Bella Vita Creative

Bella Vita Creative

Photographer Dana Chrysler found her calling through a difficult life challenge: cancer. "Surviving cancer hit home the desire to really live while I'm alive," she explained. Thinking about her legacy, she realized that capturing and creating beauty is something she can share with others. Back then, Dana was especially drawn to nature photography, but took pictures of family and friends for fun.

She never imagined becoming a portrait and wedding photographer, but that specialty has become the cornerstone of her studio, Bella Vita Creative. Dana makes sure everyone feels relaxed and special during their sessions. She uses natural light and asks her clients to pick locations meaningful to them. She offers Photo Fusion Videos, a unique way to showcase her stunning photography with video footage and music.

Whether it's nature, portraits, or a wedding, Dana loves every subject she photographs. Outdoor photography gives her a sense of peace.

"We are so blessed to live around all of this beautiful nature in Skagit County!"

She hopes her story inspires others who may not have found their passion yet. "Keep learning and taking on new challenges - you never know where the road may lead you!"