Back on Track

Back on Track

Anacortes Family Shelter Committed to Client Success

The Anacortes Family Shelter (AFC) provides housing and support for women, children, and families with children. The comprehensive program is one of the most successful shelters in the state, with over 80% of clients moving out of homelessness after going through the program. A key component in AFC's services is the goal of self-sufficiency through various pathways. Once a client is employed and graduating from the homeless shelter, AFC offers three solutions to common roadblocks to assist them in gaining independence and housing:

  1. If a client is employed and ready to move out on their own, but is short of funds for a deposit on an apartment, AFC has a revolving fund (provided by the Anacortes Rotary Club) to loan to the client. They can repay it in small increments over a long period of time to keep the fund replenished for others. This allows AFC to make room for the people in need on its waiting list.

  2. If a client is employed and ready to acquire housing, but still needs assistance in specific areas of their life, AFC provides after care. This monthly check-in helps clients stay on track and advance their goals.

  3. If a client has graduated from the program but has a history of significant issues and no outside safety net, they are vulnerable to repeat homelessness. To give them more time to work on these challenges, AFC just opened the New Family Transformation Center, which is a 24-month program. AFC collects 30% of client's income and holds the majority of it in a reserve. They co-enroll them into a program like Habitat for Humanity. When they are ready to secure housing, AFC will give back the saved funds in the form of a grant.

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